Best Winter Horse Blankets: Keep Them Warm This Year

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Winter brings added challenges for horse owners, including keeping their equine companions warm and comfortable during the cold months. Horses, much like humans, need protection from harsh weather conditions to maintain their health and well-being. This is where winter blankets for horses play a crucial role. Designed to provide insulation and shield horses from biting winds, freezing rain, and heavy snowfall, these blankets are essential for maintaining the horse’s body temperature and ensuring a comfortable experience.

There are various types of winter blankets available on the market, each catering to differing weather conditions and specific horse requirements. While some are waterproof and designed especially for wet conditions, others focus on providing optimal warmth with thick insulation. Some blankets even come equipped with breathable materials that allow for moisture and heat to escape, preventing the buildup of sweat and ensuring your horse remains dry underneath.

When choosing a winter blanket for your horse, several factors must be considered. The material, size, and weight of the blanket should align with the horse’s specific needs and the climate conditions. It’s important to ensure that the blanket fits snugly without restricting movement, chaffing, or causing discomfort. Additionally, blankets must be durable, easy to clean, and capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use.

To help you find a winter blanket that meets your horse’s needs and ensures their comfort during the colder months, we have thoroughly researched and tested various options, taking into account the critical factors mentioned above. Read on to discover the top choices that strike the perfect balance between warmth, durability, and practicality.

Best Winter Blankets for Horses

We have compiled a list of the best winter blankets for horses to help you keep your equine friends warm and comfortable during the cold months.

Tough 1 600 Denier Waterproof Horse Sheet 72-Inch Turquoise/Brown

Tough 1 Waterproof Horse Sheet

The Tough 1 Horse Sheet is a reliable choice for sudden rain showers and wind protection.


  • Waterproof 600 Denier nylon material
  • Comfortable 70 Denier lining
  • Adjustable leg straps and shoulder gussets


  • Heavier material may be too warm in summer
  • Some confusion on packaging between waterproof and water-repellent
  • May need to re-waterproof over time

We recently used the Tough 1 Waterproof Horse Sheet for our horses during a trail ride when an unexpected rain shower hit. The 600 Denier waterproof nylon kept our horses dry, and the 70 Denier lining provided comfort without chafing. The adjustable leg straps and shoulder gussets ensured a secure and well-fitting blanket, and the large gusseted tail flap provided additional coverage.

One drawback of the Tough 1 Horse Sheet is the heavier material, which we found may be too warm for our horses in the summer heat. This sheet may not be the best choice for hot climates or summer use, as it could cause the horse to sweat. Additionally, there was some confusion between the packaging stating water repellent and the product description being waterproof. To alleviate any concerns, we decided to add an additional waterproofing treatment to the sheet to ensure maximum protection.

However, despite these minor concerns, the Tough 1 Waterproof Horse Sheet is a versatile and practical option for horse owners who need protection from rainy or windy conditions. The adjustability and design features allow for a comfortable fit for our horses, and the durability of the material ensures the sheets will last a long time. Overall, we’re pleased with the performance and benefits of the Tough 1 Horse Sheet and would recommend it for horse owners looking for a reliable and adaptable blanket.

CHALLENGER 1200D Horse Winter Blanket

CHALLENGER 1200D Horse Turnout Waterproof Heavy Weight Winter Blanket Coat Purple

Ideal for horse owners seeking a durable, comfortable, and warm turnout blanket for their horses during cold weather.


  • Highly durable rip-stop waterproof fabric
  • 300 grams of poly fill for warmth
  • Adjustable fit with nickel-plated hardware


  • Only available in one color
  • Limited sizing options
  • May be heavy for some horses

We recently had the pleasure of trying out the CHALLENGER 1200D Horse Turnout Waterproof Heavy Weight Winter Blanket on our horses and were thoroughly impressed with its performance in keeping them warm and dry. The durable polyester fabric, combined with the polyurethane coating, provided a tough outer layer that withstood harsh winter weather, while the 300 grams of poly-fill insulation ensured our horses remained cozy and comfortable.

The adjustable fit offered by the double front buckle snap closure, bellyband, neck adjustments, and elastic leg straps allowed us to securely fasten the blanket for various horse sizes, ensuring a snug and secure fit for each of our horses. We also appreciated the inclusion of shoulder gussets and fleece wither protection, which helped to prevent any rubbing or discomfort for our equine friends.

However, we did find a few drawbacks to the CHALLENGER 1200D Horse Winter Blanket. Its limited color options (only available in Grey/Purple) and sizing make it potentially unsuitable for those with specific preferences or horses outside the provided size range. Additionally, the blanket can be relatively heavy at 8 pounds, which may not be suitable for every horse.

Overall, we highly recommend the CHALLENGER 1200D Horse Turnout Waterproof Heavy Weight Winter Blanket for horse owners in need of a sturdy and warm blanket for their animals, as long as its weight and available sizes and colors are suitable for their specific needs.

HILASON 1200D Waterproof Winter Horse Blanket

HILASON Horse Blanket

This HILASON blanket is a reliable choice for keeping your horse warm and dry in colder weather.


  • Heavy-duty 1200 Denier Polyester outer shell
  • 400g high-grade Polyfill for warmth
  • Durable Persian Twisted Woven Taffeta lining


  • The hood might not stay in place
  • Runs slightly small on sizing
  • Limited range of sizes

We had the opportunity to try out the HILASON 1200D Waterproof Winter Horse Blanket on our own horses and were quite satisfied with the results. The heavyweight outer shell is made from tough 1200-denier polyester fabric, ensuring that the blanket is durable, waterproof, and breathable. Having tested it during some harsh winter weather, we can confidently say that it withstood the elements and preserved our horses’ warmth even on the coldest days.

The 400g of high-grade polyester fill, combined with the durable Persian Twisted Woven Taffeta lining, ensured that our horses stayed warm and cozy. The double-stitched, taped, and reinforced seams contributed to the overall strength of the blanket, making it a long-lasting investment. Despite facing some initial sizing issues, we managed to find the right fit for our horses using the additional expandable pieces that were included near the front legs. Just make sure to measure your horse accurately before purchasing.

Though the HILASON 1200D Winter Horse Blanket excels in many areas, we did notice some minor drawbacks. The hood, for example, seems to ride up and might allow water to seep underneath during heavy rain. Additionally, the range of available sizes is somewhat limited, so certain horses might not find a perfect fit right away.

Overall, if you’re in search of a durable and warm blanket for your horse during the colder months, the HILASON 1200D Waterproof Winter Horse Blanket is an excellent choice. With its high-quality materials and construction, it’s well worth the investment, and with proper sizing, your horse will benefit from this essential winter gear.

Challenger 1200D Horse Winter Blanket

Challenger 1200D Horse Turnout Winter Blanket

We believe this blanket is a great investment for keeping your horse warm and comfortable during the winter season.


  • Durable rip-stop polyester fabric
  • 400 grams of polyfill for warmth
  • Features adjustable straps and shoulder gussets for a snug fit


  • Only available in one color
  • May not suit horses of all sizes
  • Nickle plated hardware may not be preferred by all buyers

Our firsthand experience with the Challenger 1200D Horse Turnout Waterproof Heavy Weight Winter Blanket left us impressed by its solid build quality and warm insulation. Made with a rip-stop polyester fabric and coated with polyurethane, it is both waterproof and windproof. For our horse, this blanket provided excellent protection from the harsh winter elements.

Like us, you’ll appreciate the array of features this blanket has to offer. Having 400 grams of poly-fill insulation means your horse will stay snug even on the coldest nights. Additionally, it’s designed with adjustable double buckle front straps, cross surcingles, neck adjust, and elastic leg straps, allowing a secure and customized fit. The shoulder gussets offer your horse the freedom to move comfortably, and the tail flap adds further protection.

However, there are a few potential drawbacks. Firstly, the blanket is only available in one color, Orange Aztec, which may not cater to everyone’s taste. Moreover, its 78-inch size may not be suitable for horses of all sizes, so be sure to measure your horse before purchasing. Lastly, the nickel-plated hardware, while sturdy, might not appeal to buyers who prefer brass or other materials.

In conclusion, the Challenger 1200D Horse Turnout Waterproof Heavy Weight Winter Blanket is a fantastic option for keeping your horse warm and protected during the winter months. Its durable construction and practical features make it worth considering for every horse owner who wants to ensure the well-being of their four-legged companion.

TrustBreech 1200D Waterproof Horse Winter Blanket

TrustBreech Horse Winter Blanket

This blanket is a solid choice, offering durable and weatherproof protection for your horse in cold climates.


  • Strong and durable 1200 denier nylon
  • Waterproof, cold-proof, and windproof with 300g fill
  • Adjustable and comfortable design


  • Might need a liner for extreme cold
  • Some reported it not being fully waterproof
  • Can run a little big

We recently tried the TrustBreech 1200D Waterproof and Breathable Horse Winter Turnout Blanket on our horses, and we were quite impressed with its durability and weather resistance. The 1200 denier nylon material is definitely strong and resistant to damage, allowing it to withstand our horses’ rough routines.

What stood out to us the most about this blanket is its weatherproof properties. The 300g fill provides insulation, ensuring your horse stays warm even during those bitter winter days or rainstorms. Additionally, the quick-clip front closures make it super convenient to adjust or remove when needed.

However, we did notice that, for extremely cold temperatures, we would have to add a blanket liner to provide extra insulation for our horses. Furthermore, while most of the time it kept our horses dry, it seemed not to be 100% waterproof in certain situations. Some of our team also found that the sizing might run a little big, so be mindful when choosing the right size for your horse.

Overall, we believe the TrustBreech 1200D Waterproof Horse Winter Blanket is a good investment for your horse’s comfort and protection during the winter season. Just keep in mind the few drawbacks mentioned above, and you’ll have a great blanket to rely on throughout the colder months.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best winter blanket for your horse, there are several factors you need to consider. First, we must think about the type of blanket. There are mainly two types: stable blankets and turnouts. Stable blankets are meant for horses indoors, while turnouts are designed for outdoor use. Turnouts tend to be more waterproof and durable compared to stable blankets.

The second crucial aspect is the weight of the blanket. Depending on the climate and your horse’s tolerance to cold, you may need a different fill weight. Generally, there are three categories: lightweight (100-150g of filling), medium (200-250g), and heavyweight (300g or more). To determine the appropriate weight, consider your horse’s breed, coat, age, and the local winter conditions.

Keep in mind the size of the winter blanket as well. Measure your horse from the center of the chest to the center of the tail to obtain an accurate size. Blankets that are too tight or too loose can cause discomfort and restrict mobility. Many manufacturers provide size charts to ease your decision-making process.

Another significant factor is the material used for the blanket. Often, winter horse blankets are made of polyester, nylon, or a blend of both. Polyester is more breathable, while nylon is stronger and more resistant to tears. Look for materials with a high denier count, as they offer better durability.

Finally, consider additional features that may enhance your horse’s comfort and safety. Some blankets come with:

  • Neck covers: To provide extra warmth and protection from wind and rain.
  • Adjustable surcingles and leg straps: To ensure a snug fit and prevent shifting or sliding.
  • Reflective elements: To increase visibility during early morning or late evening hours.

By carefully evaluating these factors and understanding your horse’s specific needs, you’ll be able to choose the perfect winter blanket to keep your beloved equine friend warm and comfortable throughout the season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when choosing a winter blanket for my horse?

When selecting a winter blanket for your horse, consider the climate of your area, your horse’s living conditions, and its activity level. Take into account your horse’s coat thickness and whether it is clipped or unclipped, as this will impact warmth requirements. Lastly, consider the blanket’s materials, durability, and ease of cleaning.

How do I determine the correct size of a winter blanket for my horse?

To find the right size, measure your horse from the center of its chest to the center of its tail. Then, compare your measurement to the blanket sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. It’s crucial to ensure a proper fit to avoid any discomfort or injuries.

Should I opt for a lightweight or heavy-duty horse blanket in winter?

The choice between lightweight and heavy-duty blankets depends on various factors, such as your horse’s coat thickness, living conditions, and the severity of your region’s winter weather. Horses with a thick coat might only need a lightweight blanket, while those with a clipped coat or older horses may require more heavy-duty insulation. Adjust according to your horse’s specific needs.

What are the most popular brands for winter horse blankets?

Some popular brands that offer winter horse blankets are WeatherBeeta, Horseware Ireland, Rambo, Amigo, Bucas, and Saxon. These brands provide a range of options in terms of style, durability, and price. It is essential to research the specific features of each brand to find the best match for your horse.

Are there waterproof winter blankets available for horses?

Yes, there are waterproof winter horse blankets available on the market. Many blankets are made with a strong, waterproof exterior fabric to keep your horse dry during wet and snowy conditions. Look for features like waterproof and breathable materials, sealed seams, and hydrostatic pressure ratings.

Where can I find good deals on winter blankets for horses?

To find good deals on winter horse blankets, check both online and brick-and-mortar retailers for sales and discounts. Shopping during end-of-season sales or off-season clearance events can lead to significant savings. Additionally, check horse-related forums, social media groups, and second-hand shops for gently used blankets at reduced prices.

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