Best Horse Blankets: Essential Guide for Equestrian Care

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Blankets for horses provide a vital function in maintaining the comfort and well-being of our equine companions. These specialized coverings are designed to protect horses from the elements, keep them warm during colder months, and help regulate their body temperature. The importance of a high-quality horse blanket cannot be overstated, as it plays a crucial role in preserving the health and happiness of our beloved animals.

Horse blankets come in various types and materials, each catering to specific needs or scenarios they may encounter. From turnout blankets designed for outdoor use to stable blankets used indoors, it’s important to understand the unique qualities of each to make the best decision for your horse. Factors such as warmth, breathability, and durability are critical when selecting the ideal blanket for a specific season or use.

When purchasing a horse blanket, it is essential to consider features like the appropriate size to provide a secure fit, the right materials for the intended use, and an ideal weight to match the climate. Additionally, it’s necessary to pay attention to details like gussets or straps, which can affect the blanket’s overall functionality and wearability for your horse.

Our team has spent significant time researching and testing various blankets for horses to help you identify the ideal options for different needs and situations. Our recommendations are based on firsthand knowledge, ensuring you can make an informed decision about the perfect blanket to keep your horse comfortable and well-protected.

Best Horse Blankets

As horse enthusiasts, we understand the importance of keeping our equine friends warm and protected. To help you make the best choice for your horse, we have compiled a list of the top horse blankets available on Amazon.

Tough 1 600 Denier Waterproof Horse Sheet 72-Inch Turquoise/Brown

Tough 1 Waterproof Horse Sheet

The Tough 1 600 Denier Waterproof Horse Sheet is a reliable option for keeping your horse comfortable and protected from rain showers and windy weather.


  • Durable 600 Denier waterproof nylon material
  • Shoulder gussets and adjustable leg straps for a secure fit
  • Crossed surcingle belly and large gusseted tail flap for added protection


  • May be too heavy for the summer heat
  • Water repellent but not completely waterproof
  • Limited color options

As horse owners, we understand the importance of having a reliable and durable horse sheet for various weather conditions. The Tough 1 600 Denier Waterproof Horse Sheet truly rose to the occasion when we tried it during a sudden rain shower while camping with our horses. The 600 Denier waterproof nylon material did its job in keeping our horses dry, and the shoulder gussets and adjustable leg straps ensured a secure fit, preventing the sheet from shifting and providing comfort.

However, we found that the sheet is on the heavier side, and our horses seemed to be a bit warm when the sun came out. This might not be ideal during the summer months when you want to keep your horse cool. Additionally, though the sheet did keep our horses dry during a rain shower, it may not be completely waterproof in heavy downpours. We also would have appreciated more color options to choose from.

In conclusion, the Tough 1 600 Denier Waterproof Horse Sheet is a good option for horse owners seeking a durable and functional horse sheet for occasional rain showers and windy days. Its material, fit, and design offer great protection and comfort for your horse. Just keep in mind its limitations in terms of waterproofing and suitability for summer use.

TrustBreech 1200D Waterproof Horse Blanket

TrustBreech Horse Blanket

The TrustBreech Horse Winter Turnout Blanket is an ideal choice for keeping your horse warm and dry during colder months, with its durability, design, and comfort features.


  • Highly durable 1200 denier nylon material
  • Waterproof, cold-proof, and windproof
  • Adjustable with quick-clip front closures and low-cross surcingles


  • May require additional lining for extreme cold
  • Possible sizing discrepancies
  • Some customers report it not being waterproof

After using the TrustBreech 1200D Waterproof and Breathable Horse Winter Turnout Blanket, we found it to be a reliable choice for keeping our horses cozy in various weather conditions. The 1200 denier nylon material is strong and durable, ensuring it can withstand the wear and tear from use by even the most active horses.

We appreciated the waterproof, cold-proof, and windproof features of this blanket, as it kept our horses warm and dry even on the wettest and coldest days. The quick-clip front closures and low-cross surcingles made adjustments a breeze, helping us easily get our horses geared up and securely covered.

On the downside, we noticed that for exceptionally cold weather conditions, an additional lining may be needed to provide extra warmth. Additionally, there have been some reports of sizing discrepancies, so ensure you double-check measurements before purchasing. Finally, a few customers mentioned that the blanket may not be entirely waterproof, which could impact the longevity and effectiveness of the product.

Overall, the TrustBreech 1200D Waterproof and Breathable Horse Winter Turnout Blanket is a worthy investment for horse owners who require a durable and adjustable blanket to keep their horses warm and dry. Just be sure to take sizing and the potential need for an additional liner into consideration before purchasing.

Dunzy 1800D Horse Blanket Waterproof

1800D Horse Blanket Waterproof

We recommend the Dunzy 1800D Horse Blanket Waterproof for horse owners who need a well-fitting, adjustable, and durable blanket to keep their horses warm and dry during harsh weather conditions.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quality materials for durability
  • Adjustable design with various buckles and straps for a perfect fit


  • Limited color options
  • Slight errors in the size due to manual measurement
  • Possible color differences due to variations in display settings

The Dunzy 1800D Horse Blanket Waterproof is a lightweight and portable horse blanket that provides our horses with both warmth and protection during harsh weather conditions such as rain and snow. Its navy blue color made our horses look modern and eye-catching, even during the winter season.

Made of 1800D Oxford cloth on the outer layer and 210D Oxford cloth on the inner layer, this blanket is tear-resistant, waterproof, breathable, and does not fade quickly. The warm cotton filling helps ensure that our horses stay cozy during cold nights. Thanks to the double adjustable buckle chest straps, double low cross buckles, adjustable and detachable leg straps, side gussets, and a standard rear tail part, we could easily adjust the blanket for a snug and secure fit on our horses.

In addition to rainproof and weather-resistant features, this blanket also shields our horses from small flies and mosquitoes. Its tablet design with adjustable buckles made it simple to put on and take off, saving us time and effort while also providing our horses with a comfortable wearing experience.

In conclusion, the Dunzy 1800D Horse Blanket Waterproof is a versatile and practical solution for keeping medium-sized horses warm and dry during wet and cold seasons. Its durable materials and thoughtful design ensure a comfortable fit for your horse, making it a must-have addition to any horse owner’s gear collection.

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Horse Blanket

WeatherBeeta Horse Blanket

A reliable choice for horse owners seeking a stylish, well-crafted blanket with ample features to protect their horse from the elements.


  • Durable 1200 denier waterproof and breathable outer shell
  • 220g of polyfill for warmth
  • Smooth 210T polyester lining for comfort


  • Buckle snaps may lack flexibility
  • Shoulder seam durability concerns
  • Potential for mane rubbing at contact points

We recently had the opportunity to try out the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Essential Standard Neck Medium Horse Blanket on our own horses. Designed with a durable 1200 denier ripstop outer shell and a waterproof repel shell coating, this horse blanket does its job in providing protection against heavy rain and wind, while keeping our horses warm with its 220g of polyfill.

The 210T polyester lining ensures that our horses are comfortable, and the traditional side gusset and twin adjustable buckle closures allow for natural movement and easy adjustments. The boa fleece wither and standard tail flap also provides added coziness and protection for our horses.

However, we did notice that the buckle snaps could be more flexible for easier fastening. Additionally, some users reported a ripped seam at the shoulder after a single night of use, which may indicate a need for improved durability in that area. Finally, we observed that this blanket has the potential to rub on the mane at contact points, which could lead to hair loss over time.

In conclusion, the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Essential Standard Neck Medium Horse Blanket offers a strong and stylish option for horse owners seeking to provide their equine companions with protection from harsh weather conditions. While there are some minor flaws to be addressed with the buckle snaps and seam durability, the overall performance, design, and comfort level of this blanket make it a solid choice.

Tough 1 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner/Sheet Red Medium

Tough 1 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner/Sheet

This blanket is a great addition to any horse owner’s collection, with its soft fleece material and versatility for use under blankets or as a cooler.


  • Adjustable buckle front
  • Warm as wool without added fabric
  • Great for warmth or as a cooler/liner


  • Only one belly surcingle
  • No second strap toward the rear
  • May rip if the horse rolls while wearing it

We recently tried out the Tough 1 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner and were quite impressed with its comfort and warmth. The soft fleece material is gentle on our horse’s skin and provides warmth without the added weight of traditional wool blankets. We found the adjustable buckle front helpful for finding the perfect fit and securing the blanket in place.

However, we noticed that the blanket only has one surcingle for the belly, which may make it less stable on some horses. Additionally, the absence of a second strap towards the rear could lead to the blanket shifting during wear. It’s important to note that the fleece may rip if your horse decides to roll while wearing this blanket, so be cautious if you leave it on in a paddock unsupervised.

Despite these minor drawbacks, we appreciate how this fleece blanket liner can be used for various purposes – either as added warmth under a heavier blanket or on its own as a cooler. Its versatility adds value, making it an ideal choice for horse owners on a budget. Overall, the Tough 1 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner proves to be a reliable and comfortable option, offering warmth and flexibility for your horse on chilly days or after a strenuous workout.

Buying Guide

When looking for blankets for horses, it’s essential to consider several key factors to ensure the best product for your horse’s specific needs. Here, we will discuss the main features to look out for and provide a concise guide to help you make an informed decision.


The material of a horse blanket should provide warmth, comfort, and durability. A few common materials are:

  • Polyester: This synthetic material is lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant, making it an excellent choice for most weather conditions.
  • Canvas: Canvas blankets are heavier and more durable but may not offer the same level of breathability as polyester.
  • Wool: Ideal for colder climates, wool provides excellent insulation and natural moisture-wicking properties. However, it can be difficult to clean and may not be as weather-resistant as synthetic materials.

Size and Fit

Proper sizing is crucial for a horse blanket, as an ill-fitting blanket can cause issues such as discomfort or rubbing. It’s essential to measure your horse properly from the center of its chest to the furthest rear point of its hindquarters. Blanket sizes typically range from 60 to 86 inches, in two-inch increments. In addition to size, adjustable straps can allow for a better fit around the horse’s chest, neck, and legs.

Weight and Fill

Blankets for horses come in various weights, designed to offer the right level of insulation according to the temperature:

  • Lightweight: These blankets have little to no fill and are suitable for mild temperatures or as a light layer during cooler nights.
  • Medium weight: Offering moderate insulation, these blankets have a fill between 150 and 250 grams and are appropriate for cold temperatures and moderate climates.
  • Heavyweight: Designed for extreme cold conditions, these blankets have a fill of 300 grams or more, providing maximum insulation to keep your horse warm.

Breathability and Waterproofing

To ensure your horse remains comfortable and dry in different weather conditions, it’s essential to choose a blanket with good breathability and waterproof capabilities. Breathability helps prevent sweating and overheating, while a waterproof layer will protect against rain and snow.

As you search for the ideal blanket for your horse, be sure to keep these essential features in mind. Selecting the right material, size, weight, and weather protection will ensure your horse remains comfortable and well-protected throughout the changing seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of blankets do horses need?

Horses require different types of blankets depending on various factors, such as weather conditions, the horse’s age, and the horse’s level of activity. Generally, there are three main types of horse blankets: turnout blankets, stable blankets, and fly sheets. Turnout blankets are designed for horses that spend most of their time outside in pastures, providing protection from the elements. Stable blankets provide warmth to horses kept indoors or inside stables, while fly sheets offer protection from insects during summer months.

At what temperature do horses need blankets?

The temperature at which horses need blankets will vary depending on factors such as the horse’s individual needs, breed, overall health, and activity level. However, as a general guideline, if the temperature drops below 40°F (4°C), it is wise to consider blanketing your horse. Horses that are older, have short or clipped coats, or are not fully acclimated to colder weather may require extra protection.

What kind of blanket for a horse in winter?

In winter, horses need blankets that provide warmth and protection from the harsh cold, rain, and snow. A heavyweight turnout blanket with a waterproof and breathable outer layer is ideal for these conditions. The level of insulation in the blanket should be sufficient to keep the horse warm without causing it to overheat. You can also consider layering lighter blankets for added insulation if needed.

How many days can you leave a blanket on a horse?

It is essential to monitor your horse’s comfort and regularly check them under their blanket to ensure they are not too hot or too sweaty. Ideally, you should remove the blanket at least once a day for grooming and to check for any rubs or irritation. If you cannot remove the blanket daily, it is essential to do so at least every few days.

Which are the best horse blanket brands?

Several top-notch horse blanket brands are known for their quality, durability, and variety of options. Popular brands include WeatherBeeta, Horseware Ireland (Rambo, Rhino, and Amigo lines), Bucas, and Kensington. When selecting the best brand for your horse, consider factors such as fit, comfort, durability, and price.

How to choose the right horse blanket size?

To choose the right horse blanket size, you will need to measure your horse’s body accurately. Use a measuring tape to measure the length from the center of their chest, along the side of their body, to the edge of their tailbone. Ensure the horse is standing squarely and straight during the measurement process. Check the sizing chart provided by the blanket brand to determine the perfect size based on the measurements you have taken. Additionally, take your horse’s build and shape into consideration when selecting the style and cut of the blanket. A well-fitting blanket should cover your horse comfortably without being too tight or too loose.

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