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Fly boots for horses are a popular accessory designed to provide the utmost protection for our equine friends during the warmer months. When flies, mosquitoes, and other pesky insects come out in full force, they can cause discomfort and even harm to our horses. These boots serve as a barrier, preventing insects from biting and irritating the sensitive skin on their legs.

The key to choosing the right fly boots for your horse lies in the materials used, the fit, and durability. Materials should be lightweight and breathable, allowing for air circulation without sacrificing protection. This ensures that your horse stays comfortable even in hot weather. The right fit is crucial, as fly boots that are too tight can cause discomfort and restrict movement, while those too loose may slip off or allow insects to crawl inside. Durability plays a significant role, as these boots should withstand daily wear and tear while still providing optimal protection.

We have considered these essential aspects when conducting our research and testing various fly boots for horses. After examining several products in the market, we have narrowed down our recommendations to help you find the best possible solution for your horse’s needs. Our aim is to present you with the top choices that combine comfort, protection, and convenience, so you and your horse can enjoy a fly-free summer together.

Best Fly Boots for Horses

We’ve compiled a list of the best fly boots for horses to help protect and keep them comfortable during fly season. Check out our top picks below.

SHOOFLY Horse Leggins

SHOOFLY Horse Leggins

These SHOOFLY Horse Leggins provide effective fly protection, making them a worthy addition to your horse care arsenal.


  • Durable, breathable plastic mesh material
  • Comfortable for wounds and reduces leg fatigue
  • Secure fit with heavy-duty Velcro fasteners


  • May not be suited for all leg shapes and sizes
  • Plastic stays might lose stability over time
  • Lower edge felt may attract debris

We recently used SHOOFLY Horse Leggins on our horses, and we found them to be an excellent solution for keeping flies at bay. The loose-fitting design, made of lightweight and breathable plastic mesh, allows air to circulate around the horse’s legs, preventing irritation caused by flies and other pests. In addition, the leggins didn’t hamper our horses’ range of motion, which is essential for their overall comfort.

The patented double sewn-in plastic stays provide stability and prevent sagging, ensuring that the leggins stay in place during our daily routine. We also appreciate the heavy-duty Velcro fasteners, which make them easy to put on and take off while guaranteeing a secure fit. We’ve found that our horses don’t try to remove these leggins, indicating they are comfortable wearing them.

One observation we made is that the fit could be better for some horses with unique leg shapes or sizes. Also, while the plastic stays are useful initially, they might lose a bit of their stability over time. However, these downsides did not significantly affect our overall satisfaction with the product.

In conclusion, we believe that SHOOFLY Horse Leggins are an excellent investment for horse owners looking to provide an effective and comfortable fly deterrent. Their breathable material, well-designed construction, and secure fit make them a valuable addition to any horse’s daily care routine. Although there may be minor flaws, the substantial benefits outweigh the negatives.

Jexine Set of 8 Mesh Fly Boots for Horse

Jexine Mesh Fly Boots

The Jexine Set of 8 Mesh Fly Boots for Horses is a budget-friendly option to protect your horses from fly bites and infestations, though durability may be a concern.


  • Abundant quantity and rich style
  • Loose and breathable mesh material
  • Simple application with built-in stays


  • Durability of plastic stays
  • Maintenance may require frequent washing
  • Potential for collecting debris

We recently tried the Jexine Set of 8 Mesh Fly Boots for our horses, and we found their abundance (with two color options) to be a plus, especially for those looking to replace or share them. The mesh material is loose and breathable, allowing our horses to avoid being burdened while wearing them. The built-in stays made applying these fly boots an easy process, and they stayed securely on our horses’ legs.

However, the durability of these fly boots could be an issue for some users. We noticed that the hard plastic stays started to pop out of the sides after about a month of use. This might not be ideal for those who need long-lasting protection for their horses. Additionally, maintaining these fly boots requires regular washing and drying, which may be a hassle for busy horse owners.

Another drawback to these fly boots is their tendency to collect debris. We noticed that horse poop and other small particles could easily get caught inside them, requiring more cleaning than we initially anticipated. Despite these concerns, the Jexine Set of 8 Mesh Fly Boots still provides an affordable option for protecting horse legs from flies and mosquitoes. Their breathable design and ease of use can indeed offer a cost-effective solution for preventing fly-related issues and stomping behaviors.

Cashel Crusader Leg Guard Fly Boots

Cashel Crusader Leg Guard Fly Boots

We highly recommend Cashel Crusader Leg Guard Fly Boots for a comfortable and secure solution to protect your horse from insects and burrs.


  • Reduces stress and frustration caused by insects and burrs
  • Soft yet highly durable construction
  • Secure and comfortable fit


  • May twist on some horses’ legs
  • Velcro at the top might be weak
  • Might collect dirt easily

After using the Cashel Crusader Leg Guard Fly Boots on our horse, we noticed several remarkable features. The soft, vinyl-coated polyester mesh material is not only comfortable for our horse, but also highly effective in preventing bug bites and irritation from burrs. Additionally, the padded fetlock areas keep the mesh from rubbing against the horse’s pasterns, ensuring a comfortable experience.

One minor issue we encountered is that the fly boots tend to twist on some horses’ legs. However, this did not seem to affect the overall effectiveness of the product in most cases. Despite this, the boots remained securely in place thanks to their thoughtful design and strong velcro straps.

We appreciated that the Cashel Crusader Leg Guard Fly Boots came in a set of two, making it convenient for horse owners looking to protect their steeds. Although we noticed that the boots tended to collect dirt more than we would have preferred, this did not detract from their overall usefulness and reliability.

In summary, the Cashel Crusader Leg Guard Fly Boots are an excellent investment in providing comfort and protection for your horse. With a durable and soft construction, these fly boots offer a functional and comfortable solution against irritating insects and burrs.

Gallopoff Fly Boots for Horses Set of 4

Gallopoff Fly Boots

These fly boots are a valuable addition to your horse’s gear for hoof and leg protection, despite some minor drawbacks.


  • Reduces stomping, stress, and fatigue
  • Contoured fit with fleece edge for comfort
  • Stays in place with tight-gripping fasteners


  • May slip down over the hoof
  • Can bunch around the fetlock
  • Flies may still be an issue

We recently tried the Gallopoff Fly Boots for Horses and found them effective in reducing the stressful stomping, which often leads to hoof damage and leg fatigue. The contoured shape of these boots fit well on our horse’s legs, and the fleece edge provided optimal comfort, preventing rubbing and chafing. Additionally, these boots come with wide strips of fasteners that adapt to your horse’s leg conformation and hold the boot firmly in place without causing discomfort. They are also easy to put on and take off and do not fall off when worn for long periods.

One downside we noticed was that these boots tended to slip down over the hoof, similar to a sock falling off. This required some adjustments to make sure they stayed in place. Another issue experienced was the boots bunching around the fetlock, which could be an inconvenience during longer periods of wear. However, this can be mitigated by occasional inspection and adjustment of the boots.

Lastly, while these boots are designed to reduce fly attacks on your horse’s legs, we observed some persistent flies that still managed to bite the legs. Nevertheless, the boots were still successful in reducing the number of fly bites and agitation to the horse. The breathable and ventilated mesh fabric enabled vital air circulation, ensuring no overheating around the legs and unrestricted blood flow and range of motion.

In conclusion, the Gallopoff Fly Boots for Horses provide good protection and comfort for your horse. Although some minor issues may arise, such as slipping down over the hoof or bunching around the fetlock, these boots are worth considering for your horse’s well-being. With proper management and maintenance, they can be an excellent addition to your horse’s gear.

FunRiding Fly Boots for Horses

FunRiding Fly Boots

We recommend these FunRiding Fly Boots for their durability, effectiveness, and affordability in protecting your horse’s legs from flies.


  • Durable and strong Velcro
  • Effective at reducing stomping and leg fatigue
  • Affordable compared to similar products


  • Stays can be too stiff and inflexible
  • May not fit all horse breeds perfectly
  • Bugs may still get in occasionally

Our experience with the FunRiding Fly Boots was mostly positive. The Velcro on the boots held up well and remained secure, even when our horses were moving around or playing in the field. This kept the boots in place and ensured that they continued to offer protection against flies and insects that can cause stomping and leg fatigue.

However, some of our horses had difficulty with the size and fit of the boots – specifically, our draft-quarter horse mix needed a little more room at the bottom. Additionally, the stays were slightly inflexible, tearing through the material at the bottom in some cases. Despite these issues, we found that the FunRiding Fly Boots were effective at keeping the majority of flies off our horses’ legs and reducing stomping.

One downside we noticed was that flies occasionally still managed to get in, but this is to be expected with any fly protection product. Despite this, we believe that the boots are well worth their price, offering effective protection at a lower cost than some other options on the market.

Overall, the FunRiding Fly Boots for Horses is a valuable addition to your horse’s fly protection arsenal, keeping their legs safe and comfortable while reducing stomping and leg fatigue. Although not perfect, the boots deliver protection at an affordable price and offer a fun color selection to brighten up your horse’s wardrobe.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best fly boots for our horses, it’s essential to consider the specific needs of our equine friends. There are several factors to examine when making a purchasing decision.

Firstly, material plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of the fly boots. Look for breathable materials that will keep the horse comfortable while preventing flies from reaching the skin. Some materials like mesh provide excellent airflow and durability. However, there may be other options available that offer additional features like UV protection or water resistance, depending on the environment and usage.

Size and fit are also vital when selecting fly boots. We want our horses to feel comfortable and secure in their fly boots. Measure your horse’s legs before buying, considering the circumference and height of the leg to find the appropriate size. Most fly boots come with adjustable straps or closures to ensure a snug fit, but remember that the fit should not be too tight to avoid hindering circulation or affecting your horse’s range of motion.

Another aspect to consider is ease of maintenance. Our horses get dirty, and so do their fly boots. Pick fly boots that are machine washable or, at the very least, easy to clean with a hose or sponge. This will save us time and keep our horses healthy.

Lastly, consider the price and our budget. Fly boots come in a wide range of prices, so we need to balance affordability with quality. While costlier options may offer more features or better durability, there might also be more cost-effective alternatives that still provide adequate protection for our horses.

In summary, when looking for the best fly boots for our horses, focus on material, size and fit, ease of maintenance, and price. By carefully considering these factors, we can make the best choice for our equine companions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top fly boots for various horse sizes?

We recommend researching and selecting fly boots according to your horse’s size, as different brands may cater to specific sizes and shapes. Ideally, measure your horse’s legs and seek out fly boots that offer a range of sizes to accommodate your horse’s unique needs.

How effective are fly boots in protecting horses?

Fly boots can be highly effective in protecting horses from flies and other insects. They prevent irritation, bites, and possible infections while also providing some degree of support and stability. However, the effectiveness of fly boots may depend on the quality, material, and fit.

Which fly boots offer the best value for money?

To find fly boots that offer the best value for money, consider factors such as durability, comfort, and protection. We suggest selecting boots that can withstand wear and tear, provide adequate ventilation, and offer a secure fit. Comparing product reviews and price points can also help you make an informed decision.

Are there any suitable fly boots for sensitive horses?

Yes, many brands design fly boots specifically for sensitive horses. Look for products made with soft, breathable materials that offer a snug yet comfortable fit. Also, consider fly boots that are adjustable or customizable, ensuring minimal irritation for your sensitive horse.

How to properly fit fly boots on horses?

To properly fit fly boots on your horse, follow these steps:

  1. Clean and dry your horse’s legs.
  2. Measure the circumference of your horse’s cannon bone and fetlock for accurate sizing.
  3. Select fly boots with adjustable fasteners to ensure a secure fit.
  4. Attach the fly boots, making sure they are snug but not too tight. Check for gaps or pressure points.

Remember to periodically inspect the fly boots for signs of wear, damage, or irritation on your horse’s legs.

What are the key features to consider when purchasing fly boots?

When purchasing fly boots, consider the following key features:

  • Material: Opt for durable, lightweight, and breathable materials to provide comfort and protection.
  • Size and Fit: Choose fly boots that accommodate your horse’s size and offer adjustable fastening options.
  • Design: Look for boots that cover your horse’s legs adequately while still allowing freedom of movement.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Select fly boots that are easy to clean and can be either machine-washed or hosed down.
  • Value for Money: Compare product prices and reviews to make an informed decision.

By considering these factors, you can select the most suitable fly boots for your horse’s needs and preferences.

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